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At Jacobsbaai Sea Products we farm with Haliotis midae, in the pristine and unpolluted water of the Benguela current. This gives our abalone the best taste and flavour.
We are committed to exporting only the highest quality abalone to our customers.
Our customers needs are first priority and we work closely with our clients to ensure we meet their specific needs and orders.  

Market Size Abalone


Live Abalone

Our live abalone is sold in sizes from 50g to 200g and is packed on site in an NCRS approved packing facility by experienced staff to ensure the quality and freshness of the product when it reaches its destination.

Canned Abalone

We also supply canned abalone under the exclusive King Solomon brand in 213g drained weight with a wide range of sizes and pieces per can.

Dried Abalone

Dried abalone of the highest quality is sold in sizes ranging from 14g up to 35g and we are constantly growing our abalone bigger to produce a larger final product.

Frozen Abalone
Frozen Abalone

We produce high quality cleaned frozen abalone meats according to our customers requirements, ranging in size between 20g and 40g per piece.

Grown in the prestine waters of the West Coast of South Africa and fed only the best quality feeds, our abalone’s high quality makes them versatile and they can be used for any type of dish.

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Juvenile abalone are cared for in our state-of the-art Nursery  

Nursery – Settlement

Baby abalone are raised in optimum water conditions to ensure they are healthy and happy 

Nursery – Weaning

In our weaning section juvenile abalone flourish in the heated water they are grown in 

Nursery - Post weaning

Nursery - Post weaning

The post-weaning area prepares the juvenile abalone for life in the production area: the grow-out

Expanded Grow-out


In the grow-out area the abalone receive abundant clean seawater and feed to ensure good health and fast growth. Our grow-out area is constantly expanding to accommodate increased production and demand

Animal Health and Biosecurity

To ensure the health of our abalone, we use the professional services of an independent veterinary service provider to evaluate the health and condition of our abalone.
Various physiological factors are monitored and reported to make sure our abalone are in top health.
Biosecurity measures include sanitation points for staff and vehicles, movement control of persons and equipment and husbandry practices that ensure general hygiene and health.

Food Safety

In addition to the biosecurity and animal health program, JSP also adheres to the government driven food safety program, the South African Live Molluscan Shellfish Monitoring and Control Programme (SALMSM&CP). As part of this programme, seawater and abalone are routinely sampled and tested for bacteria and bio-toxins which could be potentially harmful if consumed.
Seawater is also screened daily for phytoplankton which may produce bio-toxins. Our abalone is subjected to certification by the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) and each shipment is accompanied by a health certificate that verifies our abalone is safe for human consumption. 

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